SKU: 2241041_770_57.5_BYRON


【 design 】
A crocheted hat with a lampshade silhouette that wraps around you completely. We want you to enjoy the natural brim of this simple and useful item that can be folded easily. If you think your visibility is poor, fold up the brim as much as you can.
If you match it with the season when you wear light clothes, it will cast a beautiful shadow around your neck, giving you a cool look.

[Feel of material]
A knitted fabric made from unevenly dyed and finely twisted raffia threads, one by one, crocheted to create an openwork. It's strong, so I want it to be a hat that will last a long time. Cannot be washed by hand. Foldable.

[Silhouette and size]
The size can be adjusted from 55cm to 57.5cm.

Due to the use of natural materials, the color may change over time, but this will not cause any problems in use. Please understand that individual differences in weaving are unique to natural materials, and enjoy the unique texture of the material.

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SIZE: 57.5cm (size adjustable)
QUALITY: Natural grass(Raffia), Nylon
SPEC: Height 10cm, Brim 9cm