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The hat with a big silhouette that looks like you've put on a large hat has been purposely made larger and then has sponge tape inside to fit it to your head size. The comfortable feeling of wearing that you have never felt before is hard to blow away.
The mysterious sense of balance created by creating a difference between the hat and the area around the face is new.
Since it is an elastic tape, it can be worn by people with a wide range of sizes.
The rabbit and wool mixed felt dyed in the original color is water-repellent and shape-memory processed, making it more practical and less likely to lose its shape.
The edges of the brim are trimmed with rayon tape with a straw-like texture to tighten the outline.

Soft rabbit blend felt made in Portugal is an original bespoke color.
It is water-repellent and shape-memory processed so that it can be used for as long as possible to prevent it from losing its shape.
In order to highlight the beauty of the high-quality fur, it is polished to a sheer matte texture so as not to leave as much hair as possible.

[Silhouette and size]
The elastic tape on the inside can accommodate up to about 55cm to 58cm.

 *For gift wrapping, we recommend the L-size drawstring bag.

SIZE: 55cm~58cm
QUALITY: Body 100% hair (rabbit blend, shape memory processing)
: Piping Rayon 100%

Hat body: Made in Portugal Shaping: Made in Japan
SPEC: Crown height 12.5cm, brim 8.5cm