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【 design 】
The marine beret silhouette is finished with a familiar linen braid, and the back is hollowed out, so you can tie your hair with a long ribbon to match your hairstyle, or tie it tightly to fit your size.
Even if you wear it deeply, the knot won't hit, so you can wear the beret without stress even with a bundled hairstyle.
You can enjoy the marine silhouette with the flat top as a point, or you can enjoy it as a round beret because it fits well on your head if you wear it deeply.

A 100% linen braid with a matte, plaster-like color and texture.
It is soft yet retains its shape and is gentle on the forehead.

[Silhouette, sense of size]
Since the back is hollowed out, you can adjust the size by tying a ribbon.

[Precautions for handling]
Do not wash as it may lose its shape.
If it gets dirty with sweat, etc., wipe it off with a towel that has been soaked in water with a neutral detergent dissolved in it and tightly wrung out.

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SIZE: 56cm~58cm
QUALITY: Body / 100% hemp
: Ribbon / Rayon 100%
Made in China
SPEC : Diameter 28cm, ribbon width 15mm, length 35cm