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【 design 】
A hand-knitted blade with a width of 4mm to 4.5mm found in a warehouse in Okayama, where hats are produced.
When I found it, I was delighted with the craftsman as if I had found a treasure.
Dead stock material that is so difficult to see now.
The precious hand-knitted blade of wheat made in Japan is too fine to tell if it is said to be hand-knitted.
Of course, not everyone can sew the hat that was used luxuriously to bring out the goodness of this material, and because of this fineness, it is made by a skilled craftsman.
Finished in a classical, elegant and dynamic silhouette.
Rolling the brim edge that covers the face line adds volume and casts an impressive shadow on the face line.
A special hat for high-quality adults.

Hand-knitted dead stock Japanese fine barley blade.
Now that the craftsmen are gone, I can't make it anymore.
The more you use it, the more vintage the texture will be. A specialty hat that you want to pass on to the next generation.
Limited quantity.

[Product attention using dead stock material]
This product uses dead stock material.
Subtle colors, sizes, textures, etc. differ from one item to another.
As it is a delicate product, please handle it with care.

[A feeling of size]
It can be fitted to people with a size of 56 cm to 58 cm.
The size of the inside can be adjusted with tape.
There are loops on both inner sides for the ribbon to pass through, so you can attach the ribbon if you are worried about wind flying.

[Handling precautions]
Because it is a very delicate material, it may crack if you grasp it strongly or pinch it.
When holding the hat, do not grab the top and hold the brim to cover it as it may cause it to lose its shape or crack.
Please note that the color may change over time.
Be careful not to get it wet as it is sensitive to water.
Please note that once broken, it cannot be repaired.

 * For gift wrapping, we recommend the special drawstring L size.

SIZE: 57cm
QUALITY: Natural plants (wheat)
SPEC: Height 8.5cm, Brim 10cm
* With hat box