SKU: KINCHAKU -M size- / LY-14_M-ギフト用


This gift purse is a gift wrap for HAT with a short brim .
Please check the precautions carefully before purchasing.

An original drawstring bag that fits the size of a hat that can be used for carrying and storing hats is a wrapping gift for loved ones.
If you order with a hat, we will wrap the hat in a purse and deliver it.

The material used is only the remaining fabric that was inevitably left over in the process of making the La Maison de Lyllis collection. We use breathable natural fabrics (mainly linen and cotton) that are ideal for storing hats.
Therefore, the colors and textures are assorted, and you cannot specify the color. The photo is an example. Enjoy what color you will receive! !!

When storing, gently stuff newspaper or thin paper into the part where the head of the hat will fit, arrange it so that it does not lose its shape, put it in a drawstring bag, and store it on a flat place such as a shelf on the closet.
It protects your precious hat from dust, mold and moisture, which are the enemy of hats.

--Notes on gift drawstrings--
* We cannot accept orders for gift drawstrings only. Please choose with a hat.
* Please note that the combination with other than the hat and the purchase of a single item will be treated as cancellation.
* There are M and L sizes for drawstring purses. If you choose a drawstring purse with a link on each product page, there is no mistake in the size that matches your hat.
* If you purchase multiple products at the same time and all of them do not fit in the bag, we will deliver the materials together with the products without wrapping.
* Please note that we cannot cancel or return gift wrapping orders. (Except when the product is defective)
* The tag containing the amount will be cut off and shipped. The delivery note is not enclosed.
* Although it can be used for storage, it does not completely prevent dust, mold and shape loss from the hat. The degree of pain will change depending on the storage conditions, so please see the enclosed CARE method card for details.

* If you have any questions, please contact us from CONTACT .

Drawstring purse for hats with a short brim Size 45cm x 45cm No gusset Material: Linen or cotton