SKU: 8212052_009_S_GIFT TURBAN BOX


This gift box is a gift wrapping exclusively for turbans .
Please check the precautions carefully before purchasing.

It is a special gift box that makes a turban a gift for loved ones.
If you order with the turban, we will wrap the turban in the box and deliver it.

The paper box can also be used to store or store the turban. LOGO print in the center. It is a foldable box.

--Notes on gift drawstrings--
* We cannot accept orders for BOX only. Please choose with a turban.
* Please note that the combination with other than the turban and the purchase of a single item will be treated as cancellation.
* If you have any requests, please write them in the comments on the payment screen.
* Please note that there are two types of BOX, one for turban and one for CAP and beret.
* If you purchase multiple products at the same time and all of them do not fit in the BOX, we will deliver the materials together with the products without wrapping.
* Please note that we cannot cancel or return gift wrapping orders. (Except when the product is defective)
* The tag containing the amount will be cut off and shipped. The delivery note is not enclosed.
* For information on how to care for a turban, please see the enclosed care method card.
* If you have any questions, please contact us from CONTACT .

A gift box for turbans Size 28 cm wide x 15 cm deep x 5 cm high
Material: Paper