SKU: 2231038_009_57_WHITE


【design 】
A stripped-down Metro-style silhouette hat.
There is a slit in the back and a decorative string goes through it.
The slit allows you to wear it without hitting your hair.
It features an openwork pattern unique to dead stock that does not block your line of sight even if you wear it completely under your eyes.
On days when the sun is strong, the watermark pattern creates shadows that look like sunlight filtering through the trees, making it even more impressive.
Rare dead stock with 3 cell-processed paper panama materials that are no longer made.
WHITE is a mixed coloring if you look closely.
The finish is slightly hard to the touch because the glue is firmly put in to give it a sharp shape.
Size adjustment is possible from 55cm to 57.5cm.

[Precautions for handling]
Please be careful not to get it wet, damp, or stack it as it may cause it to lose its shape.
Not foldable. Do not wash.
Due to the dead stock material, there are individual differences.
Please enjoy it as a characteristic of the material.

[This item will be sent in KINCHAKU -M size-]
*The drawstring will be white.
If you would like gift wrapping, please leave a message in the remarks column of the payment screen.
We will ship without including a delivery note with a price tag or a tag.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


SIZE: 57cm (size adjustable)
QUALITY: 100% unclassified fiber (paper)
(cell coating processing dead stock material)
: String / 100% cotton
Made in Japan
SPEC: Height 12cm Brim 7cm String 30cm
* Limited production due to dead stock