* Please check the following notes before purchasing.

New color CHARCOAL, NATURALIVORY released.

La Maison de Lyllis original mask.
It is a design mask that considers the silhouette and styling that fits neatly when combined with a hat or turban.
It is a silhouette designed to fit the size of a woman's face.

The design point is to hang the ribbon of the mask roughly after tying it to your size.
It will be an impressive profile.
It is finished in a neat balance considering compatibility with hats and turbans.

Since it uses a stretch grosgrain ribbon that does not hurt your ears, there is no stress even if you wear it for a day.
The part of the inside of the mask that hits the face is made of brown-colored organic cotton that does not stand out even if it has foundation or lips.
The inside is a pocket so you can put a mask sheet in it. (Mask sheet is not included)
A mask that can be washed repeatedly by hand.

Not only the appearance but also the skin feels gentle and comfortable, and we are particular about the comfort.

Please be sure to check the following

* If purchased separately, it will be delivered by post-mailing click post.
* This mask does not completely block viruses and pollen.
* As this is a hygienic product, returns and exchanges are not possible. Please be sure to agree before purchasing.
* The inside of the mask is made of organic cotton that feels good on the skin, but it does not suit all skin types.
* To prevent the fabric from shrinking, it is washed once first, but if you are concerned, we recommend that you wash it once before using it.
* Wrinkles may appear as a characteristic of natural fibers after washing, but they can be cleaned by ironing.
* Because hemp and cotton, which are natural fibers, are used, black particles may adhere to the surface of the fabric due to the characteristics of the fabric, but there is no problem in terms of quality. Thank you for your understanding.
* Because it is a natural fiber, the fiber of the fabric may become fluffy as it is used.
* The color of the product in the posted image may differ from the actual product depending on the irradiation and angle of outdoor or indoor light.
Also, please note that the size of the display and the actual product may differ slightly.
* When wearing or handling, please be sure to check the quality label and attention tag attached to the product.
* We do not offer gift wrapping.

QUALITY: Mask table / 100% hemp
: Mask back / 100% cotton

SPEC: Mask Length approx. 13 cm Width approx. 19 cm
: Ribbon approx. 28 cm (length before tying)