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A very supple crochet hat made by carefully knitting three blades of Japanese paper and molding a hat with three-knit tape.
Since the wire is included at the end of the brim, the shape of the brim can be freely arranged.
The angle of the brim is excellent and the face line looks beautiful. It is a daily hat for sophisticated adults that has both usability and appearance.
There is a rubber loop at the base of the size, and you can arrange it into a hat with a ribbon, string, or scarf by passing a string or ribbon through the loop.

Started production of three knitting of Japanese paper material blades, which takes time and effort during the off-season of the factory in winter.
This material, which takes double time to knit three more by hand after finishing the blade, increases the strength and flexibility by adding one or two steps, and the appearance is also wonderful.
It has the strength and suppleness that can be folded without any problem.

[Silhouette, sense of size]
The brim has a strong slope, and by wearing the brim deep in the eyes, it covers the entire face and enhances the effect of the sunshade.
You can wear it from early spring to late autumn because you can wear it without season.
The size can be adjusted from 55 cm to 57.5 with the gentle comfort that covers the head and the inner string.

A special drawstring purse is recommended for gift wrapping.

SIZE: 57cm (size adjustable)
QUALITY: Extra-class fiber (paper) 80% Polyester 20%
SPEC: Height 9 cm, brim 7.5 cm