SKU: 2222006KOMUGI


This material, which is especially rare in dead stock, is a blade that uses strong raffia and hand-knits a random openwork pattern.
In addition, the blades are sewn together with a zigzag sewing machine, so it is lighter than a normal raffia hat, and the seams are loose enough to fit comfortably on your head.
When folded, it is supple and returns to its original state immediately.
I wanted to make it an eternal hat that appears in the wardrobe every year, so I finished it with a simple and moderately long brim hat.

After finishing the thick natural raffia into a blade by hand knitting, it is sewn with a chidori sewing machine.
Since it is an undyed color, there are individual differences unique to the material.
The more you use it, the more familiar it becomes, and the openwork knitting gives it a moderate amount of air.
It seems to be dead stock about 30 to 40 years ago, but it is well preserved and is in very good condition without pain or burning.

[Silhouette and size]
A simple round-headed capelin type.
The brim is not too big, and it is easy to wear anywhere.
The size can be adjusted from 55 cm to 57.5 cm.

Since it uses natural materials, the color may change over time, but there is no problem in using it.
Please understand that individual differences in knitting are unique to natural materials, and enjoy a unique texture.

A special drawstring purse is recommended for gift wrapping.

SIZE: 57cm (size adjustable)
QUALITY: Natural vegetation (Raffia)
SPEC: Height 10 cm, brim 10 cm