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The one-size-fits-all beret, which has the sharpness of a military beret and the volume that makes it easy to wear on the top, is made entirely of original leather made exclusively for hats by a tanner in Hyogo Prefecture. As you wear it, it will become more familiar and you can enjoy it over time.

Original leather produced in Hyogo, a leather production area, in consultation with tanners directly. Using Japanese A-grade leather, which is a by-product of meat production, it has a soft finish with a dull luster that makes the most of the texture of the grain. It is 0.7mm thick to match the pattern of the hat, so it is supple and soft enough to feel like lamb leather.
Genuine leather is a by-product of meat that is reused, so it is important to keep it alive until the end. Tanners, who have wonderful technology but have a drastic decrease in work due to the rise of synthetic leather, are happy to do maintenance. You can use it forever. Comfy with linen lining ◎

[Silhouette and size]
Adjustable from 55cm to 58cm with a string.

Due to the characteristics of the leather material, there may be some color unevenness, stains, surface unevenness, or scratches. Please enjoy the natural feel of the material as the taste of the leather material. Please be careful not to get it wet, damp, or stack it.
Do not wash. Wipe off any dirt. Please consult a specialty store for cleaning.

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SIZE: 55cm-58cm (size adjustable)
Made in Japan