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【design 】
Bucket hats with a simple, stripped-down silhouette are an item that will become your wardrobe for a long time without being influenced by trends.
The angle where the rim of the brim is just at the very edge of the eye line hides the face moderately without obstructing the view too much, making the profile look beautiful.

Original leather produced in Himeji, a leather production area, in consultation with tanners directly.
In order to make the best use of raw leather made in Japan, which is a by-product of meat production, and which was left over just because it had scratches, the surface is embossed and the color is pigment dyed with a matte texture.
By arranging to 1 mm thickness and then dyeing to create a soft finish, excess dyes and chemicals are eliminated as much as possible.
The thickness is 1 mm to match the pattern of the hat, so the padding is kept to a minimum, and the more you wear it, the more it will fit your head.
Genuine leather is a by-product of meat that is reused, so it is important to keep the precious life until the end. Tanners, who have wonderful technology but have a drastic decrease in work due to the rise of synthetic leather, are happy to do maintenance. If you do, you can use it for a long time and be of high quality.
It is a material that I want to leave behind for future generations because it can be enjoyed over time.
The lining is made of cupra cotton for comfort.
Comfortable to wear straight and familiar.
The size can be adjusted with the belt on the back.

[Precautions for handling]
Please be careful not to get it wet.
When removing dirt from leather, use a cleaner specifically designed for leather products. Do not wash.

If the inner tape becomes dirty with sweat or foundation , wipe it off with a cloth or towel that has been thoroughly wrung out after dissolving a neutral detergent in water.

Avoid storing in a place with high humidity.

For gift wrapping, a special drawstring bag is recommended.

SIZE: 57cm (size adjustable)
QUALITY: Body/Cowhide: Lining/Cupra 60% Cotton 40%
Made in Japan
SPEC: Height 9.5cm Brim 7cm