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【design 】
The characteristic pattern is commonly known as Turo.
This pattern, which is derived from churros, has a unique thickness and unevenness like churros, and is hand-knitted one by one with BLACK and dark cork color.
The simple hat finished to make the most of the impressive pattern is the FLATTOP type.
This mannish and cool shape is supposed to be worn in combination with a scarf etc. by finishing it with a slightly larger size.
The size is small and adjustable so you can fit it on your head and wear it comfortably.

A material made by knitting Tokiya grass woven in Ecuador called Panama hat.
A protagonist hat with moderate thickness, volume and punch.

[Handling precautions]
Since it is a natural material, it may crack if you grasp it strongly or pinch it.
When holding the hat, do not grab the top and hold the brim to cover it as it may cause it to lose its shape or crack.
Please note that the color may change over time.
Be careful not to get it wet as it is sensitive to water.
Please note that once broken, it cannot be repaired.

[A feeling of size]
57.5cm size with a slightly larger finish. Designed to be worn even after wrapping a scarf.
The size can be adjusted smaller with the inner tape without a scarf.

SIZE: 57.5cm

QUALITY: Natural grass (Tokiya grass)
: Material Made in Ecuador: Molded Made in Japan

SPEC: Height 9 cm Brim 11 cm